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Is Downsizing the Right Option for You?

As the number of seniors across North America increases, many older adults are realizing they may not be able to stay in their own homes, or “age in place.” Health concerns figure prominently—a bitter reality for older boomers who didn’t believe they would ever have difficulty climbing stairs or navigating an older home. The result is that many are considering downsizing. But they still plan to age in place in one sense: Most would prefer to stay in their own neighborhoods with all the familiar comforts of home. The numbers are big. By 2031, more than 9 million seniors across...
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Happy People = Happy Life

What are the keys to happiness? Research reveals how you can be happier in your personal and professional life. Stay positive. “Bad things happen to everyone, including happy people,” writes Travis Bradberry, co-writer of “Emotional Intelligence 2.0” and co-founder of TalentSmart. “Instead of complaining about how things could have been or should have been, happy people reflect on everything they’re grateful for.” Happy people tend to find the best solution to a problem and then move on, refusing to dwell on negative events. Surround yourself with the right people. You’ll build confidence and stimulate creativity by surrounding yourself with other...
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Are You Overestimating Your Home’s Value?

Seventy-seven percent of home sellers think their homes are worth more than the agent’s recommended selling price. A recent study published in the Journal of Housing Economics and quoted in RISMedia found that homeowners are overestimating the value of their properties by 8% on average. The study harkens back to an earlier survey of real estate agents, the vast majority of whom felt their clients were overestimating the worth of their homes – some by as much as 20%. These incorrect assumptions on the part of homeowners often have unfortunate results in terms of initially overpricing their properties, then dropping...
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Three Easy Ways to Cut Household Expenses

For many of us, it can be shocking to see how quickly our household expenses add up; it may feel like our entire paycheck goes toward paying bills! Thankfully, there are a number of ways to cut back on our monthly household expenses to relieve those financial burdens.   TV With the emergence of so many available streaming services like Netflix and Apple TV, there are few reasons to have intense cable packages. Reduce your bill by downgrading to basic cable, or cut out your cable service entirely. Not only will you save money on your cable bill, but in...
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