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2016 Home Sales Surpass Previous Years

The momentum created by a record-breaking 2015 pushed sales figures up in 2016 resulting in nearly 30,000 homes sold during the twelve month period.  The average sales price of a home in the area was $239,657 and the median sales price was $204,300, a three and six percent increase respectively. Sales figures each month except one this year have surpassed 2015’s figures, with the biggest year-over-year increase occurring in November with a 23 percent spike. Meanwhile, demand remained strong. The year began with 3.5 months of inventory and this number increased to 3.9 months in June before falling to the...
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Wise Buyers Get a Home Inspection

The list of things that can be wrong with a new home is endless, so don’t sign on the dotted line until a reputable home inspector gives you the all clear. Wise buyers get a home inspection.  The cost of an inspection is nothing compared to your purchase price. It’s also nothing compared to what you will pay for unexpected repairs if you don’t have a home inspection. Most houses have defects or need repairs, and many problems can be serious. A home inspection will point out any safety hazards and alert you to major repairs that will be necessary....
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Design Well Now; Age in Place Later

Whether you’ve found the home you want to grow old in or you’re planning for an elderly relative to move in with your family, the design choices you make now should be made with a weather eye to the future. You’ll want to consider adding those independent-living accessories now that will make life easier and safer for you or a relative down the road. Here are some suggestions. Keep the kitchen safe and accessible by skipping trendy remodels that could transform it into an obstacle course. Round the edges of countertops and shelves to reduce the risk of bumps and...
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Location, Location … the Good, Bad and Ugly

We all know that living near a good school increases the value of your home. But who knew a neighboring cemetery can adversely affect your property value? Or that proximity to a hospital isn’t a good thing? In fact, we now know—or should know—that nothing is more important when selling your home than your neighborhood. So if you’re buying, think ahead; purchase your dream home in the wrong location and you may be buying into a nightmare. Here are some location no-nos: • research has found that living near a cemetery will lower your property value by 12.3% and...
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