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The Secrets to Getting More Done in Less Time

It seems that every day we have more and more to do — and unfortunately the day is still only 24 hours long. But it’s a fact that most of us are not as productive as we could be — either at work or at home. Productivity experts say one of the first things to do in order to accomplish more is to become aware of how you are spending your time now. Keep note of what you are doing throughout the day. You are likely to be surprised how much time you are wasting on distractions such as checking...
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How to Get Up Early and Add Hours to Your Day

It’s said that the early bird catches the worm. The trouble is, for many of us getting up early isn’t easy. If you can manage it (and you’re not a natural night owl), getting up early can add an hour or two to your day when you are at your most productive. You are able to enjoy the quiet of the house and have some time to yourself before everyone else is up and about. Here are some tips to help you get up early. Start slowly Don’t suddenly set your alarm for 5:30 in the morning. Instead, move it...
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Pricing Your Home Is Both a Science and an Art

You know your home is one of a kind. Soon buyers will know too; you’ve just made the decision to list. The question now is: How do you price that unique property? Pricing is often seen as just a numbers game – a science, if you will. But strategic pricing is very much an art, relying on years of experience combined with intuition and a thorough understanding of where your local housing market has been and a “best guess” about where it’s going. Whether it’s a buyers’ or a sellers’ market, here’s where your real estate agent shines. A good...
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How to Pick Out Your Perfect Home

When you find your dream home, it’s only natural for your heart to beat a little faster. But you still need to get the best value for your dollar. Following are six ways to make you a happy and savvy homebuyer: 1. Find the Right Real Estate Agent: An agent can be your most valuable asset. Word of mouth is good, but if you’re interested in a particular location take note of sold signs in the area to find a real estate agent who has special knowledge of the neighborhood. 2. Make a List of Needs and Wants: Prioritize them...
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