Found an Affordable San Antonio Home? Don’t Sleep On It!

The Affordable San Antonio Home you sleep on tonight will be the home you won’t sleep in tomorrow.
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If you searched the San Antonio real estate market and found that Affordable San Antonio home and now want to think about it over night… Don’t! Why not mull over the issue? Simply put, if the interest rates go up by 1% your payment will go up 10% or more. Let me give you an example to hopefully put it into context.

A friend of mine was telling me that she was shopping on-line at her favorite clothing store and had a 25% off coupon if she purchased over $100. She found some great 1/2 off deals and put over $160 in her shopping cart. She decided to “think about it” and forgot that the coupon expired in 2 days. Three days later while she had the chance to use the August coupon that was identical to the July coupon, the 1/2 off sale was gone. She ended up purchasing more than $180 of clothes and got fewer items than previously planned! She shouldn’t have slept on it!

Shopping for clothes is like shopping for a Home - Find A Deal, Buy That Deal

Ultimately those that hope the price will come down with the interest rates primed to go up will not be able to purchase as much home as they want. Get off the fence and contact Randy Elgin to find out why now is a Great Time to Buy an Affordable San Antonio Home.

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