San Antonio Gated Communities – Are Gates a Value?

San Antonio Gated Communities – Is There An Added Value?

Based on a quick analysis ofSan  Antonio Gated Communities and non-gated communities in some northwest Bexar County subdivisions, it appears that the homes in gated subdivisions bring a higher price per square foot than those homes that do not have controlled access.

San Antonio Gated Community

The San Antonio Gated Communities  that were in the analysis include: Woodridge Village, Finesilver and Jade Oaks. The Non-Gated subdivisions that were included in the analysis are: Braun Oaks, Camino Bandera and Woodridge.


There are a lot of San Antonio Gated Communities throughout all areas of Bexar County and it needs to be understood that just because a community has controlled access doesn’t necessarily mean that a resident will be safer living there than possibly 2 blocks away. Before deciding on a community to live in it is always recommended to research the crime information for that area.

The way I conducted my analysis on San Antonio Gated Communities was to pull up the last 12 months of data on all the sold properties in controlled access subdivisions and break them out by the Mapsco Grid. I then looked at similar communities within those grids to find subdivisions that were built within a the same time frame as well as similar builders since that can definitely skew the results. I also pulled out those homes that had swimming pools.

A Non-Gated San Antonio Community

Overall San Antonio Gated Communities had a higher sold price per square foot than the homes that were not in a San Antonio Gated Community. I also broke down the data into two story homes versus single story homes, and what I found is that since two story homes tend to be a bit bigger than the single story homes, the sold price per square foot is typically lower. Now this is very common regardless if you are in a gated community or not. 

Single story homes in San Antonio Gated Communities that were reviewed typically sold for 6%+ more than their comparable neighborhoods. Two story homes in the San Antonio Gated Communities sold for 8%+ more than their counterparts in non-controlled access subdivisions.

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Answer: Based on the data that I reviewed it appears that there is an added value to living in a San Antonio Gated Community.

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