Don’t Rent, Spend Your Income On An Affordable Home

Spending Your Income On An Affordable San Antonio Home makes more sense than Renting

Don’t rent

Don’t wait to buy! Why? Because spending 17% of your annual San Antonio income on owning a home makes a lot more sense than spending 21%!

In 2012 the annualized median rent was $9600 versus $7,536.32 for owning a home. Today you can get a fixed rate conventional loan at or below 4.5% and still have over $2,000 to buy furniture!

Here are the three main reasons why individuals continue to rent:

  • Don’t have the down payment,
  • Low credit scores,
  • High debt.

Spend less of your annual San Antonio income on a home instead of renting

While in 2000 it might have made sense to continue renting until the interest rates were lowered, by 2004, 2005, 2006 the prices had risen. It would have made more sense to purchase in 2000 and refinanced in 2004, 05 or 06.

If you happen to have one or more of the reasons above why you continue to rent, please contact the Realty Watch Group to review your situation and obtain straight forward advice.

Click “Improve Your Credit Scores to, well, improve your credit scores!

Select “Elements That Make Up A Credit Score” to find out additional information on how to improve your credit scores.

The bottom line is Don’t Rent!

Buy an Affordable San Antonio home, Don't Rent

Find Your Home Now – Quit Renting

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