Affordable Homes For Sale with a Home Theater in San Antonio, TX

Are you looking for Affordable Homes for sale with a home theater? There are several residential properties throughout San Antonio, TX with home theaters and many of those homes are very affordable for just about any budget.


an Affordable Home for sale with a Theater Room that SoldI sold a home at 11003 Cedar Park in the Parkwood subdivision in just 27 days when at the time homes sat on the market on average for over 120 days. 

This affordable home for sale with a home theater sold for its full price of $185,000 and the sellers provided $5,500 in closing costs so they netted $179,500 at closing.

As I walked through 203 Tanglewood a few days ago, I was thinking about upgrading affordable homes for sale in San Antonio, and realized that if the family room was upgraded, this great home in the Ridgeview subdivision would also be an Affordable Home for sale with a home theater

What makes me firmly believe that this would be a great easy and affordable upgrade is that the family room is 20 X 11 feet and has a deep interior with 2 lights that would be easy to convert. Add surround sound, theater curtains, the electronics of your choice and Abra Cadabra Home Theater!

Upgrading an Affordable Home for Sale with a Home Theater isn’t a weekend project usually unless you have a family member who is in the business and will do the work for you. When it comes to upgrading other parts of your home the choices can get even more overwhelming so consult a professional or you can contact me by selecting “I have Questions about finding Affordable Homes for Sale with a Home Theater” and tell me how I can assist you.

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