Buying and Selling your home without Emotion

Affordable San Antonio homes are bought and sold every single day and those that benefit financially the most from the transactions tend to be the party that does so without emotion!

I read something a friend of mine wrote recently titled: The best fighters fight without emotion, and I immediately thought of all the buyers that are underwater now because they got adjustable rate mortgages (ARM) in 2005, 2006 and 2007 under the thought that I’ll save up some money, improve my credit scores, and refinance my home in 3-5 years before the interest rate gets out of hand.

I think we all know the end of that story… a lot of good people lost and are still losing their homes monthly. I firmly believe if these buyers had logically thought about their budget, income, and comfort level of how much money they could afford to spend on housing, I dare say that we would have fewer foreclosures today.

My friend stated in the article that logic and emotion are two of the most powerful things in our lives. So when buying an affordable San Antonio home, I agree that emotion will be part of the reason to select a particular home; however, logic should be used in the beginning, middle and end of the transaction with respect to the financial aspects of the purchase.

When selling an affordable San Antonio home, I think that to succeed at buying or selling your home without emotion, that you need a more objective party as I believe that your emotions are tied to the home because of all the wonderful times, and great things that occurred while you lived there. Please remember that once your decision has been made to sell, your home becomes a “house” and is similar to a “commodity” sold on Wall Street. You wouldn’t decide to sell a stock based on feelings, so selling a home from an emotional state will compromise your financial outcome.

I guess the easiest way to buy and/or sell an affordable San Antonio home is to respond to the situations instead of reacting to them. Examples that I’ve heard in the past are: They’re crazy to want that price!, Your buyers just want to steal my client’s home, or It’s the principle of the matter! My whole family grew up here so I’m not coming down one penny more! The fact is that a buyer doesn’t have to buy, and a seller doesn’t have to sell. Oh, and the whole thing can fall apart at any minute including at the closing table!

Just Remember to go into your adventures in real estate without emotion, and a Real Estate team that can help you approach your needs from a more objective perspective!

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