Selling your Affordable San Antonio Home and how buyers search


Selling your Affordable San Antonio Home and how buyers search should be on the forefront of your mind. Most buyers will start their search for a home as early as 18 months prior to purchasing and over 90% start their search for the home they ultimately purchase on-line.

There are many strategies and thoughts on what price your Affordable San Antonio Home should be listed at from the start, however everyone should realize that the bait should be appropriate for the trophy you are trying to catch! Like my mom use to say… You can catch more fly’s with honey than you can vinegar!



When making your Affordable San Antonio Home ready for viewing by prospective buyers, you should start by asking yourself the following critical question about your home, and then answer them as if you were the buyer.

The first question you should ask is would I qualify to purchase this home ie. Is It Affordable? Is your home the smallest in the neighborhood yet you want to compete in the same price range bracket as a home that is 1,000 square feet larger? You need to remember that buyers and their lenders will want a home that appraises close to the purchase price.

Don’t forget that buyers search for Affordable San Antonio Homes with many different websites most of which have either the same or very similar searches. These websites will either have map search capability or they will rely on you to know the zip codes where your buyers want to live.

The first things that buyers will search for are Price, Number of Bedrooms, Number of Baths and the size of the home in Square Feet. Most of these websites will be linked directly into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for their local Real Estate Board such as the San Antonio Board of Realtors or SABOR.

Ultimately for you to be successful in selling your Affordable San Antonio Home, it is crucial that all the details about your home are entered correctly into the MLS so that when that information is sent out into the World Wide Web that a huge impact is made, and that it captures the attention of as many buyers as possible that are looking to find that “DEAL” they just have to go see today.

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