Improve Credit Scores To Buy An Affordable Home In San Antonio

Improve Credit Scores To Buy An Affordable Home in San Antonio, TX

If you want to Purchase a Home and you need to improve your credit score before you buy in San Antonio, TX, you will also want to check out our tips on Improving Your Credit Score. While anyone associated with home mortgages can run your credit reports and tell you what your credit scores are, few will actually tell you steps to help you Improve your Credit Score so you can Buy the perfect Home!

Improving Credit Scores

The First step to Improving Your Credit Score begins by understanding your:

Payment History since it accounts for 35% of your score. If you are serious about improving your credit scores the first thing to do is pay your bills on time. Then make sure to get current on all your bills and stay current. Which is easier said than done sometimes, but there are several methods that you can use to help you Improve your credit score, like “The Reverse snowball.” The third issue with your payment history that you will need to get your arms around, are collection accounts. If collectors are harassing you, then harass the companies that have reported incorrect information on your credit report.

Amounts owed  will account for 30% of a credit score. Some credit is more important than other credit. A mortgage is the best type of debt to have, yet the worst to be delinquent on. A debt with a finance company hurts the credit score most, yet these late payments appear to have less of an adverse affect upon the score.


Length of Credit History will account for 15% of a credit score. Some quick suggestions on length of credit history are not to opening several new accounts all at once since these new accounts will lower the average age of a person’s accounts and reduce your credit score.

Remember that a credit score is based entirely upon an individual’s credit history so if you are young or relatively new to the “Improving your credit score” game, then getting a quick grip on the top 65% above is crucial to winning the game.

New Credit accounts for 10% of a credit score yet there are some guidelines that need to be followed: 1. If shopping for financing, do it all in a short period; 2. Requesting your own credit report will not affect the score if you obtained it directly from the reporting agencies; and 3. Consult a professional about opening a few new accounts, but re-read Length of Credit History.

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   Types of Credit Accounts for the last 10% of a credit score and this can be the part that makes or breaks your efforts so real     quick: 1. Do not open accounts just to have more available credit; 2. Have no more than five open revolving accounts; 3. Closing accounts will not make them go away; and 4. Closing unused revolving accounts can be beneficial only to get down to the optimal five open lines to revolving credit.

If you or someone you know is interested in Improving Credit Scores and want to know more about how to improve them, please say and select “I Have Questions about How To Improve My Credit Scores” and I will make time to discuss your unique situation.


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