Why it Makes Sense to Work with a Realtor


If you have ever wondered why it’s better to work with a Realtor rather than listing “by owner,” you aren’t alone. Superficially, selling a home seems easy – until you actually try it.

According to statistics, nearly 80% of people give up and list with a Realtor after months of costly and time-consuming delay.

Here is why Realtors matter more than ever:



Showing homes, answering calls, responding to email, scheduling inspections and appraisals plus much more are time consuming tasks; more importantly, everything involved in a real estate transaction is time sensitive. Delays can cause a deal to fall through even at the last moment.


Realtors specialize in a specific location and know exactly what buyers are searching for in your area.

Not only do they know how to price right and grab the attention of prospective buyers, but many Realtors have an established list of buyers waiting for specific types of properties.

Successful real estate marketing requires extensive experience, time and persistence to achieve top prices in a buyer’s market.


Selling a home requires more than simply placing a sign on the front lawn; it also entails a lot of out-of-pocket expenses with no guarantee of success. Advertising can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, listing with a “by owner” agency or MLS service typically adds hundreds more.

Finally, it is important to remember that real estate agents split commissions between the listing agent and the selling agent. To attract attention to your home it is still necessary to split the commission with any agents who bring buyers to the table.

Working with a Realtor is likely to save you money over the long run.

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