How to Make Sure Your Furnace is Efficient

A warm home is the key to winter comfort. With a well-maintained furnace, you’ll stay cozy until spring. You’ll also save money and help the environment.

Annual Tune-up

Your furnace should get a tune-up from a professional once a year. This will keep it running smoothly and advise you of any problem that’s developing. A tune-up takes a couple of hours and costs about $150; ask for a copy of the furnace’s efficiency test.


The furnace’s filter traps dust that would otherwise circulate throughout the house. The filter gets clogged with dust, so the furnace must work harder. Changing or cleaning the filter once a month is a simple way to stay warm and save money.

furnace-picHow to change/clean the filter

  • Vacuum or sweep around the furnace area
  • Turn the furnace off
  • Remove the front service panel covering the filter
  • Pull out the filter, which is near the blower
  • Check the filter for dust build-up
  • If the filter is a disposable cardboard one, replace it; stock up in advance with the correct filters
  • If the filter is a reusable plastic or metal one, hose it clean, and let it dry before reinserting it
  • Replace the panel, and turn on the furnace


Dust that accumulates on the blades of the blower is hard on the furnace. While you’re changing the filter, wipe the blower blades with a paper towel. Clear the area of any dust or spider webs.


Remove any obstacles to safe and efficient heating.

  • Clear the furnace area of combustibles, e.g., boxes, paint, power tools
  • Remove anything obstructing room registers, e.g. furniture, curtains, dust

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