San Antonio Foreclosures and Short Sales

A lot of times looking for the best “Deal” comes down to looking in the right area of San Antonio and most of the time Foreclosures and Short Sales are the best option to get the best deal. Just remember that the real estate market in San Antonio is better than a lot of places in the United States and you may find yourself in a bidding war when purchasing a Foreclosure or Short Sale.

Even when using the San Antonio Board of REALTORS® MLS, finding the best home to view to potentially get the best deal can be time consuming and frustrating. That’s why having an in-depth real estate market discussion with your REALTOR® is key to saving you time when looking at Foreclosures and Short Sales.

Here is a hint… Just because a home has been on the San Antonio market for a very long time doesn’t mean that the sellers are going to roll over and let you kick them while they are down. They may just want the price they want and regardless that they’ve had multiple showings and several reasonable offers, they just won’t budge off of their price regardless how enticing you think your offer should be to them. They may not even be in a Foreclosure situation or even be able to qualify to do a Short Sale.

So how does a buyer find a San Antonio Foreclosure or Short Sale that is a really good deal? Well for starters it isn’t always easy, even though the MLS has a place holder for agents to mark the home as a potential Short Sale. Even Foreclosures on the MLS aren’t always easy unless they are being sold in San Antonio as a HUD. Other types of Foreclosures include VA and Bank Owned properties called REOs.

So remember, regardless what kind of buyer you are, through the services of a real estate expert you can locate, view, evaluate, make an offer and purchase San Antonio Foreclosures and Short Sales. 

Foreclosures and Shortsales