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Boundary Descriptions of SABOR MLS Map Areas

Below are PDF files of the MLS Area Boundaries, available for use in connectMLS beginning Wed 10/1/08.

The connectMLS shaded, clickable boundary map will be available for you to use when searching and adding listings. You might find the maps below useful for learning the boundaries of the new sub-divided areas.

HINT: Download a map in which you are interested to your desktop by right-clicking the link and selecting “Save Target As.” Follow the instructions for completing the operation.

HINT: Use the adobe zoom controls to pinpoint a street location when trying to determine in which area an address lies.

Attention: These files range from 1MB to 9MB and may take several minutes to download. The size is included in parenthesis next to the file name.

Main SABOR Boundaries (3MB) (PDF)

Sub Area Detailed Maps
Area 0101 (0.9MB) (PDF)

Area 0102 (1.2MB) (PDF)

Area 0103 (1.6MB) (PDF)

Area 0104 (1.2MB) (PDF)

Area 0105 (1.1MB) (PDF)

Area 0200 (3MB) (PDF)

Area 0300 (4MB) (PDF)

Area 0400 (5MB) (PDF)

Area 0500 (3MB) (PDF)

Area 0600 (3MB) (PDF)

Area 0700 (4MB) (PDF)

Area 0800 (3MB) (PDF)

Area 0900 (2MB) (PDF)

Area 1001 (2MB) (PDF)

Area 1002 (2MB) (PDF)

Area 1003 (3MB) (PDF)

Area 1004 (1MB) (PDF)

Area 1005 (1MB) (PDF)

Area 1006 (1MB) (PDF)

Area 1100 (1MB) (PDF)

Area 1200 (2MB) (PDF)

Area 1300 (2MB) (PDF)

Area 1400 (4MB) (PDF)

Area 1500 (4MB) (PDF)

Area 1600 (4MB) (PDF)

Area 1700 (5MB) (PDF)

Area 1801 (2MB) (PDF)

Area 1802 (2MB) (PDF)

Area 1803 (2MB) (PDF)

Area 1804 (1MB) (PDF)

Area 1900 (3MB) (PDF)

Area 2100 (2MB) (PDF)

Area 2200 (2MB) (PDF)

Area 2400 (54KB) (PDF)

Area 2501 (0.5MB) (PDF)

Area 2502 (0.7MB) (PDF)

Area 2503 (0.2MB) (PDF)

Area 2504 (0.5MB) (PDF)

Area 2505 (0.4MB) (PDF)

Area 2506 (0.8MB) (PDF)

Area 2507 (0.3MB) (PDF)

Kendall 2501-2510 (163KB) (PDF)

Area 2600 (9MB) (PDF)

Area 2700 (2MB) (PDF)

Area 2800 (135KB) (PDF)