Improve Your Credit Score

How To Improve Your Credit Scores

Credit scores are related to revolving balances and a point system that affects your credit scores. Do you know why?

Every person has what is called a BTL Factor Number (Balance To Factor) that is based upon their unique credit history and impacts their credit score. That number is between 0-5. It is never a “round” number as it has many decimal points, I.E. “3.24568”. You will never see this number as it’s internal at the reporting agencies.

Good credit history equates to a lower number while a poor history gives a higher number and thus a lower credit score.

The score decreases as the cumulative balance on all credit cards is carried past the statement date. The statement date is almost always the same date the creditor reports monthly. The client loses their BTL Factor Number at every increment of 10% of their cumulative balance.

Example: Your client has 3 credit cards totaling a $10,000 limit. For this example, and easy math, we will say they have a BTL# of 2.5 as that’s middle of the road. Consider these balances and percentages…


Point Loss








5 (BTL# doubles at 30%)




7.5 (BTL# Triples at 50%)









At or Over-limit

7.5(gets hit again for being at or over the limit)

Thus, in this example, the client is losing 60 total points if they are maxed out (2.5+2.5+5+5+7.5+7.5+7.5+7.5+7.5+7.5). The good news is that there are points to be had all the way down to below 10%.