40+ Ways to Stay Safe & Entertained at Home


To battle cabin fever for those already at home and to curb some of the ongoing updates of COVID-19, here are over 40 online links you can use not only to entertain the kids or grandkids, but also to give you access to places that you may have always wanted to experience like museums, oceans, musicals, and so much more. Plus, you’ll find virtual places for fitness and exercise, online courses, and activities, so you can explore as much as possible.

If there’s anything I can do to support you at this time, please let me know what I can do to help. Please stay as safe as possible. Putting yourself at risk isn’t worth it! Take advantage of what’s available to you online instead.

Best wishes to you, your family, and your community!

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40+ Ways to Stay Safe & Entertained at Home
Stay Safe at Home

Escape with Virtual Travels & Tours

Google Earth

Google Earth lets you discover all parts of the planet here.

Hidden Worlds

Why not check out the peaceful The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks here?

Mars Access

You can even explore Mars here.

Spring Blooms

And, you can enjoy spring flowers with these 5 gardens across the globe that you can virtually tour right here.

Aquarium Cams

Get an insider’s view of jelly fish and more with Georgia Aquarium’s live web cam footage here. Or check out Monterey Bay Aquarium’s here.

Elephant Cam

Then, hop on over to San Diego Zoo for some more live camera adventures here.

Take Free Online Courses
1) Harvard University offers a number of free online courses. Check out the options here.

2) Yale’s most popular class The Science of Well-Being with 4.9 stars from over 4,110 ratings is available free online here.

3) Ever wish you could take some cooking classes? Well, you can stretch your culinary skills by signing up for this free cooking school (until the end of April) here.

4) If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to code, you can do it free and online with Ivy League Courses in programming here.

5) Or, you can learn a new skill here on Skillshare.com for the next 2 months (this is a paid service, but they offer 2 free months).

6) You can also get a small taste of the inner workings of Walt Disney’s Imagineers who created a free online program here called Imagineering in a Box. It is a series of interactive lessons in theme park design and engineering, for a behind-the-scenes peek into their development process.

Fitness from Home
Thousands of Health and Wellness Options

For many, heading to the gym or catching work out classes was part of a regular routine. Now, we’re having to get creative if there’s no home gym. Here are ways you can still burn calories at home or work on your mental state of being.

1) The YMCA has launched a free on demand service where you can take group exercise classes for all ages right in your own home at no charge for a limited time here.

2) Take Yoga With Adriene on her YouTube channel – she has so many video resources you can watch for free here.

3) The Daily Burn is a membership with access to thousands of different workout videos so you can mix it up every day right from your own home (extended 60 day free trial). Check out more information here.

4) Nike’s Nike Training app helps turn staying in into your at-home advantage here.

5) Barre Body Studio is a boutique fitness studio with free online classes here.

6) Practice pilates anytime with access to 3,400+ streaming Pilates videos in your home and on the go (15 day free trial). Learn more here.

7) Daily PE Sessions Monday through Friday for kids with Joe Wicks (a fitness trainer in the UK). His videos are available on his YouTube channel here.

Activities for the Kids
38 Activities For the Kids
You might be looking for creative ways to entertain the kids or grandkids after school closures and thankfully there are some great online resources that may come in handy.

1) The Kennedy Space Center has educator resources here and they’ve launched science lessons on Facebook Live here.

2) Children’s book author, Mac Barnett, is reading a different book every day at 3 PM EST via Instagram Live here.

3) Learn more about marine biology with this family’s Virtual Marine Biology Camp here.

4) In the STEM (stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Activity Clearinghouse, you can find vetted activities that are appropriate for multiple audiences and difficulty levels  here.

5) iKnowIt.com is a comprehensive, interactive math practice site for students in Kindergarten to fifth grade and can be used for independent practice, remediation, assessment, and more (90 day free access). Learn more here.

6) One teacher gathered links for over 30 Virtual Field Trips including Mars, an animal farm tour, U.S. Space and Rocket Museum in Huntsville, the Boston Children’s Museum, and more here.

7) Vooks has an ever-growing streaming library of kid-safe animated storybooks on all of your favorite devices here.

8) Authors are grabbing their favorite books and phone and are recording themselves reading with Operation Story Time. Learn more here.

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