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Creative Expression

Being creative is a big part of our lives and can help us in a multitude of different ways, from having fun to destressing to finding beauty in everyday life. Use these links to help unleash your creative expression.

What is creative expression? The Innerwork Center’s website explores the connection between creative expression and movement for personal growth and healing.

There is so much more to allowing creativity into your life than just painting or writing. Read this article for 90 brilliant ideas to get creative, including cooking and gardening!

To learn about how creativity has a positive impact on mental health, take a look at this Diversus Health article.

This KABOOM! article specifically looks at how creativity affects development in children and how to aid their artistic side.

Because we all need to be uplifted and enjoy a good laugh…
Making tunes out of tectonics. A unique collaboration between a scientist and a musician is allowing people to hear the movement of tectonic plates under Yellowstone National Park as a piece of music. Domenico Vicinanza, a particle physicist and composer from Anglia Ruskin University, and Alyssa Schwartz, a flutist and musicologist from Fairmont State University, used a computer program to translate the underground vibrations into sheet music. More:

Art inspired by everyday homeware. For many, lockdown was a time for introspection rather than inspiration. Yet for some artists, the enforced isolation in their own homes caused them to see their spaces, and the objects that filled them, in a new light, inspiring artistic creations essentially paying homage to their daily lives and their mundanities. Case in point: Bernie Kaminski, who has created a whole series of paper-mache replicas of the everyday objects in his home. More:

A Stradivarius-servicing superstar. John Becker is one of the world’s most renowned luthiers, masterfully servicing violins of the highest quality. His ability to perfectly and authentically repair and renew instruments worth millions, including those made in antiquity by the fabled and legendary Stradivarius, has made him an icon, so much so that even the most famous violinists in the world can be overawed to be in his presence. The craziest part? He can’t even play the violin. More:

4 Heartwarming Stories to Restore Your Faith
In an age when we’re often confronted with anxiety-inducing news vying for our attention, it’s sometimes worth remembering that there are just as many good news stories taking place every day. They unfortunately just sometimes fall a little down the pecking order. For a little lift in your spirits, here are a few small heartwarming news stories you might have missed over the past year or so.

Funds for the deliveryman. After a front-door camera caught an elderly deliveryman having a difficult time making a delivery, homeowner Annabelle Stephens tried to make his day a little better by giving him a $30 tip despite the order only being worth $21. That wasn’t where the kindness ended, though; she subsequently set up a GoFundMe page to help the gentleman that, after going viral on social media, raised over $74,000.

A reunion long in the making. Five decades after being separated from their birth mother and half-sister, Sarah Kleinhans and her half-brother were finally brought back to them after a 15-year search. The Korean half-siblings had been taken to America at the age of just one with only a locket containing pictures of their family. They’re now preparing to make up for lost time.

Cesarean in Sedgwick County Zoo. A beautiful baby chimpanzee was born in Sedgwick County Zoo after a dramatic C-section. The mother chimp, Mahale, had been having difficulties during labor, and it was determined that veterinary action was required. Despite being separated for two days after birth due to emergency treatment for the baby, he instinctively reached out to his mother upon first meeting, and she recognized him in a heartbeat.

Rosie come home. In the United Kingdom, an incredible dog named Rosie found her way back home by asking for directions at the local police station. Having been spooked by fireworks, she had bolted and gotten herself completely lost. To the amazement of staff, she calmly trotted into the station and sat down, awaiting a ride home from police who could track her owner from her collar.

The World’s First Native Bee Sanctuary: A Beacon of Hope for Bee Conservation
Bees, those small but mighty creatures, are essential for our ecosystems and food production. However, their populations have been facing alarming declines in recent years. In the midst of this concerning situation, Ireland’s Paul Handrick decided to create the world’s first native bee sanctuary, a beacon of hope for bee conservation.

Before we delve into the sanctuary itself, let us take a moment to appreciate the critical role bees play in our lives. Bees are nature’s super pollinators, responsible for fertilizing plants and enabling the production of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. They contribute to the biodiversity and stability of ecosystems, making our planet flourish with life. Unfortunately, factors such as habitat loss, pesticide use, climate change, and disease have led to a decline in bee populations worldwide.

The Bee Sanctuary of Ireland was created by Handrick and his wife so that every day could be “World Bee Day.” Tired of articles and advice that seemed uninformed, they found a farm for sale on the east coast of Ireland and immediately knew what they had to do. The sanctuary serves as a haven dedicated solely to bees, offering a safe space where they can thrive and flourish.

Each of us can also contribute to saving bees, regardless of the size of our living spaces or gardening knowledge. According to Handrick, the best thing you can do is give bees an environment to let them do their thing with minimal intervention. Start with planting bee-friendly flowers and creating suitable habitats by keeping grass long and letting wildflowers thrive are just a couple of ways we can make a positive impact. Providing a shallow water source or refraining from pesticide use can also have a significant ripple effect.

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