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The purpose of this uplifting newsletter is to provide you with a change of scenery through heartwarming stories, and insightful advice, as well as give you a smile for a few minutes. I hope you enjoy!

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Links You Can Use Now

In honor of Valentine’s Day this month, we want to remind you to extend love and compassion to yourself. Here are a few links on how best to practice self-love!

BetterUp explores the true meaning of self-love beyond consumer-driven self-care trends. Explore practical ways to cultivate genuine self-compassion beyond surface-level indulgences. https://tinyurl.com/uplift02241

Did you know there’s scientific evidence backing up the benefits of self-love? Read on to learn about the concept of “self-positivity bias” and why it’s important. https://tinyurl.com/uplift02242

Is self-love just a cheesy buzzword to excuse our shortcomings? Not at all. Impact Nottingham’s Olivia Noronha discusses and reflects upon how and why we should extend compassion to ourselves. https://tinyurl.com/uplift02243

Self-love and self-esteem go hand in hand. This article looks at the causes of low self-esteem and how to turn it right around. https://tinyurl.com/uplift02244

Because we all need to be uplifted and enjoy a good laugh…
Hacking into your own brain. Science journalist Melissa Hogenboom embarked on a fascinating exploration into the malleability of the human brain, revealing some surprising insights into its ability to adapt, learn, and grow. In a bid to uncover the power of self-induced brain change, Melissa takes us along on her six-week brain-altering course, delving into the world of what’s known as neuroplasticity. More: https://tinyurl.com/uplift0224a

Learn lessons in life from Michael Rosen. Much-loved writer and broadcaster Michael Rosen has unveiled the important life lessons that have shaped his journey, sense of joy, and emotional well-being. From his daily morning rituals to the mind-cleansing qualities of deep breathing exercises, the esteemed 77-year-old shares the wisdom gained over his lifetime that has helped him stay relaxed and focused, and that has helped protect his sense of happiness in an ever-changing world. More: https://tinyurl.com/uplift0224b

Love your body. The Body Positive is an organization committed to revolutionizing perceptions of physical appearance while fostering good mental well-being along the way. In a world where appearance is often judged and discriminated against, The Body Positive introduces the life-altering concept of “positive embodiment” – in other words, being truly proud of who you are. Discover how their 28 years of expertise promote resilience, self-compassion, and sustainable self-care behaviors, offering practical skills to navigate adversity. More: https://tinyurl.com/uplift0224c

How to Write the Perfect Love Letter
Are you trying to write the perfect love letter to your valentine but find yourself staring at a blank page? Fear not. Coming up with a truly memorable love letter can be tough, but is fully within your reach. Take these tips on board for a letter your love won’t forget!

Begin with a sweet salutation. Open your letter with a tender greeting, such as “To my darling” or something incorporating their affectionate nickname, to set the tone. Kicking off with a mushy touch may be sickly sweet or tongue-in-cheek, but it establishes the romantic atmosphere.

Share your purpose. Let them know why you’ve chosen a letter over a generic to/from card. Whether it’s an overflow of emotions, a desire to articulate your feelings, or recognizing your special someone’s uniqueness, let them see why the act of writing this letter is meaningful to you.

Talk about your romantic memories. Think about the shared moments that tugged on both of your heartstrings. Instead of passing mentions, focus on why specific memories make your shared experiences unique. Being specific while keeping it authentic goes a long way.

Tell them what you love about them. Reflect on the moments when you knew this person was your soulmate or the things that make the relationship so special to you. Acknowledge their role in lifting you up, whether that’s making you feel secure or being a pillar of support during challenging times.

List the best things. Whether it’s numbering positive qualities or listing your favorite parts of the relationship, lists can add a delightful structure to your letter. Make it fun by listing things you love about each month you’ve been together, or any significant period. Balance the sentimental with the silly.

End it with love. Conclude your letter with that timeless phrase, “I love you,” for a big-impact finish. You could also share your vision for your future together and incorporate a phrase that you often hear each other say during your real-life partings.

Celebrating Love, Even if It Didn’t Work Out
The end of a romantic relationship is often associated with negative feelings, such as sadness, anger, or grief. But what if we could also use it as a time to positively celebrate and contemplate the journey two people took together and the growth they brought to each other’s lives?

Renowned performance artist Marina Abramović did exactly this through her 1988 piece The Lovers. In a powerful and heartfelt performance, she explored the emotions, challenges, and ultimately the shared adventure that a romantic relationship brings. The piece involved Abramović and her former partner Ulay walking towards each other from opposite ends of the Great Wall of China.

She headed west from Shan Hai Guan while Ulay made his way east from Jaiyuguan. The monumental trek, covering over 1,500 miles, spanned 90 days, culminating in their meeting at Er Lang Shan in Shen Mu, Shaanxi province. There they embraced, exchanged personal items, and said their goodbyes, symbolizing the end of their romantic relationship. The vast historic wall became a poignant backdrop for this emotional separation, emphasizing their love even in parting.

Abramović came up with the concept in a dream, deeming it a fitting romantic conclusion to their relationship: the symbolic walk represented an emotionally charged ending to a shared life-changing journey. As Valentine’s Day approaches, a time when love is celebrated, Abramović’s piece invites us to contemplate the realities of a romantic relationship, which is not always sunshine and roses. The performance captures the essence of love as a journey, marked by both shared moments and, sometimes, goodbyes.

Abramović’s work makes us reflect on the transient nature of emotions. Love, like the journey along the Great Wall, has its highs and lows, its meetings and partings. It’s a reminder that love is a moving force, subject to change and evolution. It’s a thought-provoking and relevant piece to ponder this Valentine’s Day.

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