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The purpose of this uplifting newsletter is to provide you with a change of scenery through heartwarming stories and insightful advice, as well as give you a smile for a few minutes. I hope you enjoy!

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With October 1 being International Coffee Day, it’s time to fire up the espresso machine for a nice hot cup of joe. Here are some links you can use now for the perfect coffee experience.

Ever wanted to know how to make the perfect latte at home? Read this article for tips to make the best frothy coffee. https://tinyurl.com/uplift10231

Coffee is grown all over the world, with many countries being famous for it, but who grows it the best and why? This article digs into where to source your morning cup from. https://tinyurl.com/uplift10232

If you’ve never worked as a barista but want to know how to pour a perfect espresso, this article is for you. You’ll be up to foam art in no time! https://tinyurl.com/uplift10233

And then there are some who just can’t taste the difference. If you want to step up your game and train your palate, this article teaches you how to taste coffee like a pro. https://tinyurl.com/uplift10234

Because we all need to be uplifted and enjoy a good laugh…
Finding true happiness through paper plants. Caroline Byrne experienced a true lockdown success story. Previously a set designer in London’s happening fashion scene, she was able to slow down during the pandemic and work on her true creative passion – crafting paper houseplant sculptures. Her creations gained global popularity, with brands now vying to collaborate with her. Most importantly of all, she’s found what makes her truly happy. More: https://tinyurl.com/uplift1023a

The grilled cheese that changes lives. All Square, a Minneapolis eatery famous for creative grilled cheese pairings, serves a greater purpose. Established in 2018 by a civil rights lawyer, it functions as a social enterprise addressing criminal justice issues. The restaurant provides previously incarcerated people with paid nine-month fellowships, which includes therapy, professional development, and funding access alongside employment with a living wage. https://tinyurl.com/uplift1023b

Beautiful books from beautiful artists. A book is so much more than just a collection of words or pictures on a page, and even more so when it is crafted as beautifully and artistically as this. Art Makes People has compiled a list of some of the most stunningly designed handmade artist books, including elaborate pull-outs in the form of a highly detailed moth, fully embroidered textile books, a wearable “book bracelet,” and a stunning book of photography that has a seashell for a cover. Prepare to be blown away by these ingenious designs. More: https://tinyurl.com/uplift1023c

How Airships Could Decarbonize the Air Travel Industry
In humanity’s quest to reduce carbon emissions and lessen our footprint on the environment, a fantastic breakthrough has been made in the UK with the advent of the world’s first carbon-neutral airship.

HAV (Hybrid Air Vehicles) is a British blimp-making company working on creating sustainable air travel for the future, decarbonizing one of the biggest polluting industries on the planet. Their latest invention is Airlander 10, an airship that can travel up to 460 miles using a mixture of electricity and combustion that uses nonflammable helium. HAV says their new ship will reduce the average carbon dioxide emissions per customer by up to 75 per cent and are aiming to have a fleet operational for short-haul flights by 2026.

The ship is capable of flying at up to 80 miles per hour, which, although much slower than traditional airplane travel, will offer a supreme level of comfort. To this end, the cabin has been designed to offer a feeling of real luxury. Initial routes they have been looking to offer include flights between Vancouver and Seattle, England and Northern Ireland, and from Barcelona to Spain’s Balearic Islands. Furthermore, by 2030, HAV hopes to have a completely zero-emissions fleet, switching to all-electric airships and removing the element of combustion.

After test flights yielding a high success rate, the Airlander 10 prototype is now officially certified to fly in the UK, and the company hopes to have a number ready for service by 2026. They have already secured their first batch of orders, with Spain’s Air Nostrum choosing to be one of the first to utilize this brand-new take on old technology to start cleaning up the industry. From then onwards, HAV is hoping to build 10 new airships per year.

With recent soaring temperatures, wildfires, droughts, and seasonal extremes, the climate emergency is as present as it’s ever been in the public consciousness. This is a breakthrough that will give genuine hope to many, paving the way for an optimistic future for a sustainable air travel industry.

Spread Joy and Positivity On World Smile Day
In a world that often seems consumed by chaos and negativity, a simple smile has the power to bring people together. Every year on the first Friday of October, World Smile Day takes place. Established with the aim of promoting kindness, positivity, and compassion, this day encourages us to share our smiles and make the world a brighter place.

In 1963, Harvey Ball, a commercial artist from Massachusetts, created the iconic yellow smiley face symbol. Simple yet powerful, it was designed to convey a sense of happiness and unity, but as it became more popular, the humble smiley face became diluted by commercialization.

In an effort to reclaim the original intent of the smiley face, Harvey Ball declared the first Friday of October each year as a day dedicated to genuine smiles and acts of kindness.

There are many different ways to join in the fun and participate in World Smile Day. Here are some ways to get you and your community involved.

Random acts of kindness: Small gestures can make a big impact. Pay for someone’s coffee, leave a kind note for a neighbor, or offer a helping hand to a stranger. Give back to your community.

Smile photo challenge: Encourage friends and followers on social media to share their best smile photos.

Smile-themed art and crafts: Get creative by organizing smile-themed art workshops for children or adults. Create smiley face paintings or greeting cards or even bake smiley face cookies to share.

Virtual smiles: Send virtual smiley face emojis and smile-themed GIFs or stickers to friends and loved ones to brighten their day, even from a distance.

Support a charity: World Smile Day is a great opportunity to give back. Donate to a charity that focuses on spreading smiles and happiness to those in need.

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