Shoppers: 5 Ways to Get the Best Bargains

In the current economy, we all need to get the best deals we

Learn the secrets to saving big bucks on any purchase with these top tips.


Make a list of items you want to purchase and then compare prices before starting.

Many stores will meet or beat advertised prices by 10% or more; just be sure to bring proof of the sale price to get the best bargain.


Surprisingly, many stores offer deep discounts just for asking – especially on big-ticket items like electronics, appliances or furniture.

Sales representatives who work on commission or quotas are often eager to cut a deal in exchange for a large sale.

Store managers may also be willing to extend special promotions typically reserved for new buyers, contractors or others when asked.


When buying items with little wiggle room for price negotiation, it is often possible to request an upgrade, enhancement or other complimentary service, such as free delivery or an extended warranty.

Negotiate the full purchase price of the item, including upgrades, accessories, service packages and other desired features.

Buy in Bulk or Bring a Friend

Another great way to get the best price is to buy in bulk or shop with a friend; make it clear that you are both willing to purchase the item if the great rate is matched.

If you don’t have a friend shopping for similar items then consider making multiple purchases at the same time; for example, you are more likely to get a major discount when purchasing all of your kitchen appliances at once rather than one at a time.

Combine It All

Don’t stop with one of the above tips; instead, use them in combination to get rock bottom prices all year-round.

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